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Mrs. McGarrigle's | Honey Vinaigrettes


These rich and flavourful vinaigrettes are a fantastic addition to your salads, veggies or as a marinade for your favourite meats. Be sure to wow your guests with delicious fine vinaigrettes.

Available in:

Honey Garlic: Pair with salads, grilled veggies or a marinade for your meat 
Ingredients: Canola oil, Cider vinegar, Honey, Extra virgin olive oil, Mrs. McGarrigle’s classic wholegrain mustard (cider vinegar, water, brown mustard seed, yellow mustard seed, mustard powder, white wine, brown sugar, salt), White wine, Garlic, Sea salt

Lemon and Dill: Perfect to drizzle over your favourite fish, grilled veggies or step up your potato game with with this fan favourite vinaigrette!
Ingredients: Canola oil, White wine vinegar, Organic sunflower oil, Lemon infused extra virgin olive oil, Mrs. McGarrigle’s lemon dill mustard (lemon juice, white wine vinegar, mustard powder, yellow mustard seed, honey, brown sugar, brown mustard seed, sea salt, dill weed, lemon zest, turmeric), Honey, Lemon juice, Sea salt, Dill

Maple Balsamic: Add to you favourite pasta dish or tomatoes and mozzarella, this vinaigrette is made with local maple syrup and aged balsamic vinegar for a truly unique flavour.
Ingredients: Canola oil, Balsamic vinegar, Extra virgin olive oil, Mrs. McGarrigle’s balsamic cracked pepper mustard (balsamic vinegar, brown mustard seed, honey, mustard powder, yellow mustard seed, black peppercorns, sea salt, basil), Maple syrup, Honey, Sea salt