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        We at the Bee Works are dedicated to providing the ultimate beekeeping service using the best possible materials and manufacturing available.
We firmly believe in helping others achieve their potential and are committed to helping up-and-coming beekeepers. You will find lots of facts from 'getting started in beekeeping' to more technical queen bee rearing, swarm control, and beehive manipulation to produce more bees.
Then visit honey processing for suggestions on dealing with your honey crop. See how we do the jobs, just a small vignette of the equipment necessary for quality beekeeping Our Offices and Bee Hives are situated approximately 90 miles North of Toronto, Ontario, nestled amongst the Great Lakes of Canada. You'll find lots of interesting articles and information on this site and would request you drop in on the Bee Keeping Equipment or Bee Hives page for hard to find items at excellent prices.
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We manufacture to very precise standards the D.E. Hive
and the Modification kit, to produce the only passive,
adjustable, ventilated hives in North America.
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Bee Suits.

We make in our own workshops, adult and children's suits high-quality poly/cotton, with a self-supporting hood.
also offer customised suits tailored for those hard to fit none standard sizes.
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Tutorial DVDs

Apiarist David Eyre works through step by step a whole
year in the bee yard, discussing methods, equipment, bees,
manipulation of the hive to produce successful steps
in the keeping of bees.
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Apple blossom in full bloom
ripe queen cell
mating hives
Queen cage and candy
hive examination

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Apistan treatment insert strip to kill Varroa Mites
Interior of Mini Hive and frames
Brood frame
nicot installed
mating hive frame


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Thanks again for the great new hive. As first timers we assembled and painted it in less than three hours with no issues. It was very easy to understand and build. Great job with your design and we're excited to have our first hive and help the bees anyway we can. If you ever have anyone in my area of Penetanguishene that needs help with assembly of their D.E hive I'd be more than happy to help . I enjoy all building hobbies . I'll send some pictures of it in the garden when I'm done the nuc transfer into the D.E.Thanks Anthony and Danica.

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