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The Bee Works | Honey Favors

The Bee Works is a unique gift shop featuring honey and bee-related products. We are excited to present this new Wedding Favour service to our valued customers.

This catalogue showcases nine different products with nine different label options to suit a variety of tastes. Each of these designs can be customized with your names, the date of the event, as well as incorporate your theme colours. They have been presented in black- and-white, but don’t let that stop your imagination!

Local, sustainable, and fully customizable!

Your wedding day is approaching, and you want to plan a special event that reflects your unique personalities, creating enduring memories as you celebrate your love with the people you love. The Bee Works is here to help, with favours for your guests that are local, sustainable, and fully customizable to align with your style and décor.

Candles, lip balms and more!

We have a variety of bee-related products, including local raw, unpasteurised honey, beeswax-based lip balm, and beeswax candles. We can also work with you to meet your needs for decor, supplying a variety of beeswax candles, as well as candle holders.