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Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact in your community?

When you support local fundraising initiatives, you are helping to raise money for important causes in your area. This money may help to fund programs that benefit people in need, provide resources to help those in need, and even help fund vital research projects.

Not only are you helping to make a difference in your community, but you are also supporting local businesses. Many of these initiatives are run by small businesses and nonprofits, so by donating you are helping to support their efforts.

So, why not get involved and support local fundraising initiatives today? Your donations can make a world of difference and help make your community a better place!

List of current and ongoing fundraisers.

Past Fundraisers

Contact: jenny.gardiner.mk@gmail.com
End Date: May 1st
Raising funds for trips and for the organization's overall needs

Kawartha District School Board

contact: martha_harpmcmurray@kprdsb.ca
End date: April 19th
Fundraising for STEAM equipment for the school 

Habitat for Humanity Northumberland

End Date: April 19th

Fundraising for habitat build projects for 2023

Want your name on this list? Contact us today to get started!