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Welcome to our Fundraiser Program!

100% Natural Beeswax Candles coupled with raw and unpasteurized flavoured honey make this the most healthy and tasty sweet fundraiser yet!

Whether it is a school, sports team, dance company or charitable organization, fundraising is an important way to keep costs down for your members while still providing quality activities. This is also a great way to spread awareness of your organization throughout the community and provide people with quality local products!

How it works

Original products made available in a simple, exciting and easy to use program for organizations to facilitate. Meet with us and set the details for the promotion! Fundraising participants promote the health benefits of natural beeswax candles and unpasteurized local honey to friends and family members. The fundraiser coordinator tallies the order (# of products and total costs) and submits the order. The Bee Works delivers the order as arranged during the preliminary meeting to the coordinator to be organized and delivered to the fundraising supporters.

Contact info.beeworks@gmail.com

Why Fundraise With Us?

Easy to Sign Up

Download, fill out and send back our partnership request form. Form can be found here.

Products That Sell Themselves

Share and sell with our printable forms. Collect forms and payment.

Calculate Your Profits

Send us your completed sales summary and payment to info.beework@gmail.com

Receive Your Products

Receive and distribute some sweet products to your participants. Time to tally your earnings!

Download Partnership Request

Contact us for our downloadable form info.beeworks@gmail.com

Partnership Request

Call for More Information

Let's schedule a call! Email us at info.beeworks@gmail.com

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