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Kvas Fine Beverage Co | Simple Syrup


Try these simple syrups to enhance your cocktails, soda water, non alcoholic beverage or even in your baked goods. Made with Niagra Wildflower honey 


Ginger: Made with Niagara wildflower honey, ginger root, green tea, and cardamom.

Try it in a Moscow Mule or a refreshing ginger Mojito. Or as a hint of honey-sweet flavour to soda water and other non-alcoholic beverages. 

Lavender and Jasmine: This simple syrup is made with real Ontario Lavender and Canadian blended Jasmine tea. It is deliciously floral and sweet.

Try it in your vodka cocktails or make lavender Jasmine scones.

Muskoka Cranberry and Rosemary: Made with cranberries harvested in Muskoka Ontario, fresh rosemary, and Niagara clover honey. 

The perfect syrup for anything from a Cosmo, a Sangria, to a sweet vermouth substitute in a Negroni! It will be sure to delight your guests and ensure everyone is asking for another round!


12 fl oz / 360 ml