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The John Russell Honey Company | Creamed Honey


100% pure unpasteurized Canadian honey, creamed to perfection. These flavour combinations are truly delicious. Turn your cooking game up a notch and add some unexpected flavour to your dishes. Made with real ingredients, in Winnipeg Manitoba. 


Available in: 
Plain Creamed (375g)
Blueberry (375g)
Chocolate and Banana (375g)
Cinnamon (375g)
Dill (375g)
Espresso (375g)
Garlic (375g)
Jalapeno (500g) 
Mango (375g)
Mixed Berry with Lemon (375g)
Orange (375g)
Peach (375g)
Pumpkin Spice (375g)
Raspberry (375g)
Vanilla (375)
Apple Breakfast Spread (375g)
Chocolate (375g)
Ginger (375g)
Gingerbread (375g)
Strawberry Rhubarb (375g)