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Intermiel | Creamy Honey

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These smooth and creamy gourmet honey are blended with beautiful and natural flavours to create beautiful flavours while keeping all the health benefits and nutrients in the honey.

Cinnamon: This smooth and creamy gourmet honey is blended with a touch of cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon and honey together are highly nutritious with many health benefits. Try it melted in a large cup of hot water as a soothing beverage or on toast or bagels.
Citrus: Smooth and creamy honey with a touch of citrus essential oil. It has an intense and well-balanced citrus taste. Ideal for giving a boost of summer energy all year long. The perfect way to sweeten lemonade or iced tea.
A wonderfully smooth and creamy honey blended with ginger extract. This perfect combination of honey and ginger reminds us of the holiday season. It is great on toast, baked goods, or in your favourite tea.
Richly smooth and creamy honey blended with a touch of lavender essential oil. It is very floral and fragrant. The ideal combination of honey and lavender for relaxation. Add it to your favourite herbal tea and light a pure beeswax candle for a soothing experience after a long day.
A deliciously smooth and creamy honey blended with refreshing mint extract. The intense and balanced mint taste makes it perfect in fruit infusions, iced or hot tea, and to flavour baked goods.
Turmeric: Smooth and creamy honey with a touch of turmeric results in an intense and well-balanced flavour. Turmeric and honey put together are highly nutritious with many health benefits. Stir into hot milk or chai tea for a rich warming treat or add to baking for a unique twist.
Vanilla: Smooth and creamy Canadian honey blended with vanilla extract. Enjoy the exquisite taste of vanilla with the many health benefits of pure honey. A wonderful addition to your coffee, tea, or desserts.