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Intermiel | Liquid Honey |

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Intermiel's liquid honey is know for being a single source nectar honey. With beautiful flavour notes, try each one to discover the delicious difference of each one. 

Blueberry Blossom: 
This highly aromatic honey is unanimously loved for its very fragrant and sweet taste that extends and intensifies the palate. Much sought after for the popularity of the fruit, it does not disappoint. Liquid, Raw, Unpasteurized.

Buckwheat: This late-season harvest offers a rare deep and rich honey, exceptional, and very dark. The woody taste of this raw unpasteurized honey is distinguished by its rather discreet aroma, but surprises all with its unique flavour and full-bodied taste.

Clover: This classic grassy but still floral and golden-coloured honey is well-known in North America. With the pleasant bitterness of the clover flower, this unpasteurized honey reminds many of their childhood.

Goldenrod: This mid-season summer honey is amber in colour and very sweet. It is reminiscent of the honey from the mountains of the Mediterranean, characterized by its intense and sublime flavour. 

Honey Eucalyptus: 
This 100% Canadian Liquid Clover honey is flavoured with eucalyptus essential oil. It releases the therapeutic smell and taste of eucalyptus. Great in cases of flu, bronchitis, or sore throat. Take a spoon to relieve itching in the throat or put in hot water as an infusion.

Honey Fir Tree: 
This 100% Canadian liquid honey releases the intense smell and taste of the fir tree. It is therapeutic in cases of flu, bronchitis, or sore throat. Take a spoon to relieve itching in the throat or put in hot water as an infusion. Clover honey flavoured with fir tree essential oil.

Raspberry Blossom: 
This pale yellow early summer honey is well-loved for its floral and mellow taste. This rare honey deserves to be discovered. It is a great addition to tea, yogurt, or oatmeal for just a touch of sweetness. 

Spring Honey: This liquid honey is from the first harvest of the season in May. Yellow in colour and very delicate, it is pleasing to children and those looking for a light sweetness. It finishes with a very subtle apple flavour. Pure, unheated, unfiltered, this honey retains its medicinal properties (enzymes and minerals) with the presence of beeswax, pollen, and propolis.


500 grams