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Backyard Honey Company | Honey Flavours


Backyard Honey Company comes from the Waterloo region and is always unpasteurized for maximum health benefits. Their hives are contained to only 3 different organic locations.

With delicious flavours like Creamed Ginger, Creamed Orange Blossom, Lemon-licious, and honey with bee pollen, you can be sure these delicious and comforting honey infusions will enhance any meal or beverage you add it too. 


Creamed Ginger: 100% unpasteurized Ontario Honey, organic ginger

Creamed Orange Blossom: 100% unpasteurized Ontario Honey, orange blossom essence

Lemon-licious: 100% unpasteurized Ontario honey, lemon zest, lemon juice

Pollen: 100% unpasteurized Ontario Honey, bee pollen

  • 330 grams