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Spice World | Honey Seasonings


These spice blends are made in Canada and are a pantry staple! Made with honey, these flavours are unique blends, that add a punch of flavour to a variety of dishes.

Available in:
Honey Habanero (155g)
Ingredients:  honey, paprika, sugar, sea salt, garlic, onion, orange peel, habanero
Honey Maple Crunch (180g)
Ingredients: Honey, Sugar, Spices (white and black pepper), Garlic onion, Salt, Maple sugar, Natural flavour, Canola oil, Dehydrated vegetables (red bell peppers) 
Golden Boy Honey Mustard Blend (140g)
Ingredients: Smoked paprika, kosher salt, garlic, onion, celery, pepper, cumin, oregano, coriander, dill seed, lemon pepper, spices