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Experience Port Hope

Experience Port Hope

Small Town, Big History.

We take pride in our history and the things that make Port Hope memorable. Downtown Port Hope is filled to the brim with 19th-century architecture and incredible stories, not to mention the perfect one-stop shops lining the downtown streets. We wanted to show our pride in our town by creating a design that encompassed how we feel about it and the things that make it so unique. Not one of these places alone makes Port Hope what it is, it is all of the places together that create the full experience.

We felt it was important to have the Capitol Theatre in the Port Hope design. Capital Theatre is one of the last fully restored atmospheric movie theaters still in operation in Canada and a ‘must-see’ Ontario destination to experience captivating entertainment.

One thing we can all agree on is our love for Food and Drink. Honouring the past with the renewed Hotel Carlyle & Restaurant, or head to the Ganaraska Brewing Company to enjoy Artisanal beer, chef-inspired cuisine, paired with the best view of the Ganaraska River, or you can visit the contemporary Greek themed burger joint, Olympus Burger. There is clearly no shortage of great food and drinks in our small town! 

Shmurgle anyone? We have found a true gem of the Port Hope experience in the joyful sound your heart makes when you snuggle a baby goat at Haute Goat. With incredible nature experiences and local handmade meals and snacks, you could easily spend a full day there and is definitely an attraction like no other, that helps bring people in to experience Port Hope.

The Bee Works is an experience you never knew you needed in your life. Learn about candle making, taste some raw honey, dive into a real beehive and learn all about pollinators and the importance of the honeybee in our ecosystem. The Bee Works provides educational fun and tasty experiences that are truly unique and one of a kind. 

Did you know that in 2017 and 2019 the blockbuster hit “IT” was filmed in Port Hope?! If you’ve seen the movie you can probably recognize some of Port Hope’s key features, and maybe even some of the local people who were cast in the movie. We absolutely needed to include a balloon in the design as it had such a large impact on the community as a whole and we are so proud our beautiful town has hosted such a big movie.

Our river and waterfront are some of our most cherished natural resources. The Ganaraska River is one of the healthiest rivers that feed into Lake Ontario, populated with wild naturally-reproducing fish. The Port Hope fish migrations are among Mother Nature's most impressive wonders. Thousands of salmon and trout swim upstream and jump the fish ladder to migrate to their spawning grounds. This is such a rare sight that people from near and far travel to our beautiful town to see.

Love them or hate them the Canada Goose has made Port Hope its go-to home. Have you ever been stuck at the Peter and Queen Street stop sign and had to wait for them to cross the road? Although it may take them a while to cross these majestic creatures symbolize family, protectiveness, teamwork, loyalty, bravery, fertility, navigation and communication. Its real strength lies in community and helping out its flock-Just as our community does for its people. 

Port Hope is known for many of its historical wonders that stood the test of time. A prime example would be the Molson Mill, a grist/saw mill that was erected in the 1850s and sits along the mighty Ganaraska. It stands as Port Hope's oldest industrial building and a reminder to all of how far our town has come. Today it acts as a beautiful tourist destination and the home of our local journey through the arts program.

Lastly, the bricks. Port Hope is nationally acclaimed for having the best-preserved main street in Ontario and is well known for its lovingly restored, 19th-century homes. With great pride, we share with family and friends from surrounding areas the many local businesses that provide the perfect destination for a day trip. We want people to come and experience Port Hope and create memorable family moments. 

A place where you can discover giant metal dragons and dinosaurs, luscious fields of lavender, a day with the honey bees, the best burger in Canada, unique views, drinks and beautiful historical accommodations. With great pride, we release our new Port Hope Merch, available at The Bee Works. 

Experience Port Hope.

Small Town, Big History.

Ganaraska Brewery

Port Hope Merch at The Bee Works