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Neal Brothers | Honey Mustard Pretzel Nibblers

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These sweet and tangy pretzels are the best sports snack in the world!
Satisfyingly crunchy pretzel bites deliciously seasoned with honey and mustard.

Honey Mustard Sd Pretzels, (unbleached enriched wheat flour (flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate-B1, riboflavin-B2, folic acid), soybean oil, corn syrup, yeast, salt, natural flavours, malt, honey/mustard/onion seasoning (Canola oil, sugar, dried mustard (distilled vinegar, spice, salt, malto-dextrin, modified food starch, turmeric), whey, lactose, dextrose, dried honey, onion powder, spice, salt, wheat starch, garlic powder, sodium diacetate, citric acid, horseradish powder, natural flavour, soybean
Contains:  malt, Milk, Mustard, Soy, Wheat 
ALLERGEN ALERT: This product is manufactured in a plant that processes/uses chocolate, cinnamon, gluten, honey, peanuts, sesame, soybean oil and other soy products, tree nuts, and wheat flour.

280 grams