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We at The Bee Works are dedicated to providing the ultimate beekeeping service using the best possible materials and manufacturing available.
We firmly believe in helping others achieve their potential and are committed to helping up-and-coming bee keepers.
You will find lots of facts in our Beekeeping Information Centre, from 'getting started in bee keeping' to more technical queen bee rearing, swarm control, and beehive manipulation to produce more bees. Then visit honey processing for suggestions on dealing with your honey crop.
Visit our Beekeeping Picture Gallery and see how we do the jobs, just a small vignette of the equipment necessary for quality beekeeping
Our Offices and Bee Hives are situated approximately 90 miles North of Toronto, Ontario, nestled amongst the Great Lakes of Canada.
You'll find lots of interesting articles and information on this site and would request you drop in on the Bees our Bee Keeping Equipment or Bee Hives page for hard to find items at excellent prices.
If this is your first time we would suggest you look at First Visit to The Bee Works to make your time even more productive and check out our Catalogue for equipment we sell.


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Beekeeping...getting started
Feeding Bees
Re-Queening....bee hives
Making Queens....without grafting

Wintering Bees
Using Northern Queens
Foundation.... fundamentals
Essential Oils.....anti Varroa
Swarming.... cause and cure
Slow Hives....mating diversity
Wax Moth......control
Honey Processing
Nucs and Splits
Border Closure
Buying Queens
Small Hive Beetle Traps
Mating Hives
Fall Management
Mason Bees
Mongrel Bees 
Electric Fences
Using Essential Oils
Research Paper