Bee Hives

Bee Hives

If you are looking for information on any of the following:-

bee keeping

bee keeping supplies

hive details


apiary hardware

hive manipulation

then stop looking, you have found it at The Bee Works the place to be for information and help Here you'll find details on Getting Started in bee keeping, hives, queen rearing, swarming, even a Modification Kit for better ventilation of the standard North American hive. Add to that the many facets of bee hive manipulation in our Information Centre section necessary to keep your bees healthy and productive and you really don't have to look any further.

If that's still not enough, we have a totally new hive for keeping bees, designed by us to improve your bee keeping pleasure.

There is a page on alternative Varroa treatment for the hobbiest bee keeper which really works and which is worthy of more study, not the 'official' position, but then our main concern is achieving healthy bees and bee hives.

If packing your honey proves to be a problem, then click the link to find a supply of cut comb containers, filters, cut comb cutters, and other packing equipment , perfect for producing a quality product.

Our help pages are extensive and should be downloaded, or printed out and kept for future study, or better yet bookmark and return frequently.

Bee keeping should be a pleasure not a punishment.

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